In Search of Enlightenment

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Blessed with two wondrous cultures--the artistry of Chinese Calligraphy and philosophy, and the bold force of western Modernism--I have always wanted to create a series of paintings combining Chinese motives in western abstraction to articulate the tension, the conflict and the grace of this chaotic world.
The meaning of the Chinese character used through out the series is "Enlightenment"--the wisdom of nothingness, the detachment of all worldly desires to reach the utmost level of being. Indeed, this spiritual searching is a rocky, life-long journey, as depicted in the geometric and fragmented composition. The use of many squares and cubic shapes also would want to achieve the pattern, rhythm and, ultimately, balance in my work.

Enlightenment 1

Enlightenment 2

Enlightenment 3

Enlightenment 4

Enlightenment 5

Enlightenment 6

Enlightenment 7

Enlightenment 8

Enlightenment 9